About Me

Philadelphia Native. Former elementary school teacher. Mother to a beautiful 6 year old boy.

Strongly craving to heal. I use my paint brush, canvas, paint and whatever else I’m attracted to - to nurture my inner child. With every brush stroke, every written word… I heal.

Heal thy self, then heal others is my motto. I paint with the intention to break down the psychological barriers that One consciously or unconsciously holds onto. My art is imbued with healing frequencies (i.e 528 hz), affirmations, Bible verses, sacred geometry and everything that’s LOVE…

While teaching art to my elementary school students I was naturally pulled to Jean Michael Basquiat. His story, image and creativity touched my heart in so many ways. I love how he focused on these different dichotomies and made a marriage of multiple things in his art.

Childhood memories start in South Philly - Italian Market

Grades School - Gesu Catholic Grade School - North Philly

High School - John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls School

College - Neumann University

I studied art & truly enjoyed it most in High School. My style of art was influenced by Salvatore Dali in my childhood phase. Art has always been my passion.